Photo Sharing

On-Site Photo Sharing: On-Site Photo Sharing is simply Awesome! On-Site Photo Sharing is an Add-On Service to our Photography Coverage Service. Event guest can immediately share their Red Carpet Photos via Instagram, Twitter, Email, Facebook or SMS. This service includes at least two iPad Kiosk that allow guest to view and share photos on-site. Our awesome technology also data captures your guest contact information at no additional cost. This is the perfect event marketing solution as it immediately creates awareness via social media about your event. We can also design a custom graphic watermark to overlay on photos to brand your event.

On-Site Photo Sharing Service Includes:

  • 2 iPad Kiosk. (more kiosk are available for additional price)
  • Event Staff to facilitate and monitor the iPad Kiosk.
  • Custom Graphic Design Watermark.
  • Data Capture of Event Guest Information.
  • Sharing Options: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.
  • 4 hours of event set-up.

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S&R Banner Pricing

iPad Kiosks Pricing
2 iPad Kiosk $250.00
3 iPad Kiosk $325.00
4 iPad Kiosk $400.00
5 iPad Kiosk $475.00
6 iPad Kiosk $550.00

Call for Custom Order Pricing!